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Policies related to exchange and returns

Products that are returned for discount, trade or credit has to be received within 30 working days. The date is counted from the day the goods were purchased. Here are other conditions that must be followed:
  • All merchandise returned must be in a new condition. The goods must be unused and unopened and all the seals must be in place.
  • If the goods are damaged, used or ruined, the products will not be accepted and the customer has to bear all the return expenses.
  • Clients are in charge of cargo expenses that are related to merchandise for discount, credit or trade (mistakes aren’t included).
  • Fantastic Pets aren’t responsible for any damage that occurred during the return process.
  • Fantastic Pets gives 12 months guarantee scope on all items sold unless expressed generally (barring nourishment products and other eatables). We intend to furnish you with quick solution for any broken merchandise however; immediate replacement isn’t feasible all the times, particularly with the older returns. At the point when this happens, you must wait deferrals between 14-28 days, while we contact the respective dealer or manufacturer.

Note: Please arrange things precisely or request our recommendation before purchasing any products. Fantastic pets won't offer discounts or credit for purchasing the wrong products or the ones purchased that aren’t within the above-mentioned terms.

The Returning Process

We recommend that you initially contact the respective manufacturer as they receive such requests on a regular basis. They will ensure that the products are replaced or will let you know what best they can do.

Return Packaging Instructions

If the manufacturer fails to help you out, you can approach us through our contact page. We will further look into the matter. We request you to return an item by following the return packaging instructions that are mentioned below:

You should repack the item in a manner that will prevent damages to the product. We can't be considered in charge of any harm caused amid return travel because of insufficient assurance. Any physical harm caused may likewise void any current guarantee scope on the item.
Along with the faulty merchandise, please incorporate a duplicate of your receipt (not the original one) and a description of adequate subtle elements to highlight the fault in the product. If your contact details has been changed since the time you purchased the product, do mention your new phone number and the contact address.
Clearly, stamp your Online Order Number (e.g. #1303317256 ) on the outside of the package alongside the return delivery address our arrival conveyance address. This will guarantee your arrival is taken care by the right department and will evade conceivable postponements. Inability to name the parcel accurately will lead to the product not being acknowledged by our staff.

Note: Cash on delivery items will not be accepted by us. It will only lead to delay and further confusion.

Order Cancellations and Refunds

The order cancellations are prompt by means of telephonic contact with the online sales team on 03 9704 6634. On the off chance, if you are requesting to cancel a product via an email, you will have to wait for 48 hours barring non-working days i.e. weekends and public holidays. The products that are dispatched before a cancellation are processed within 48 hours for email or before for a telephone call. The delivery charges can't be discounted.

Extra Information

Products arriving damaged won't be acknowledged. Any vast insufficiently bundled products may cause a $25.00 repacking fee charged before returning the goods.
Kindly don't return merchandise to us C.O.D under any conditions. Products coming back under C.O.D won't be acknowledged.
All products that are returned to us will be at your expense irrespective of the reason for the return. The only exception to this rule is if the wrong goods have been dispatched to you. In these uncommon conditions, we can offer you a credit or discount to take care of the expenses related to return the item(s). This credit/discount won't surpass our standard delivery expense for the item(s) waiting to be returned and must be paid once the item(s) has been received by our staff. Any extra packaging, express postage costs and so forth won't be paid by Fantastic Pets & Produce.
We will return any guarantee/substitution products to you at our cost provided we are at fault and this is applicable to all the online orders. This does not have any significant bearing to warranties that’s outside 12-month warranty coverage. For further details, read "Warranty Returns Outside of Fantastic Pets & Produce Warranty" section for more information.
It would be ideal if you return the entire item that is faulty including any manuals, boxes or other accessories that are related to the product. On the off chance that you are uncertain of precisely what to return please get in touch with us for help.
Most items returned for guarantee will either be supplanted by the manufacturer or be repaired at the attentiveness of our providers. Substitutions offered by our manufacturers are normal units that might or might not have been repaired earlier and are assumed to be in comparative physical condition to your original product. Under typical condition, these returned items won't be refunded unless there are uncontrollable issues and we or our providers have consented to offer you a credit.
You may hold up an inquiry by means of email to find out the present status of your warranty claim. Do not forget to mention your online request number. An individual from our staff will then get in touch with you to exhort you how your claim is advancing. A cordiality email will be sent once your products have come back from the provider and are prepared to be re-dispatched.

Note: Please make sure to enable adequate time for the warranty to be prepared before making demands about your warranty status.
A few items sold by Fantastic Pets & Produce might be furnished with an extended warranty from the manufacturer. In spite of the fact that Fantastic Pets & Produce warrants merchandise sold (barring consumables) for a time of 12 months, we can handle the product return on your behalf. This facility requires cargo costs (both ways) and whatever other related costs (industrial facility testing, warranty dismissal) to be paid ahead of time. A (base) $25.00 organization expense may likewise be charged for these sorts of manufacturer warranty.